Redesign creates a fresh visual identity for the publication that highlights the editorial content and also showcases advertisers. A good redesign should raise the profile of the publication and generate new interest from readers as well as advertisers. 

Do you hear readers saying this about your publication? Or is it time for a makeover?

Like any business, magazines need to grow and change to keep readers interested and coming back for more.

ready for REDESIGN?

“I couldn’t put it down! 

​I read the whole thing cover to cover for hours.”


Launching a new title is an incredibly exciting venture! When a new magazine is envisioned, it should fill an editorial niche that is not being covered currently by another publication. To compete with an established publication, it must be better and smarter.  To be successful, it must have reader appeal, editorial integrity and be a product advertisers want to buy. 

Four Palms has extensive experience with start-ups and can help get a new title on the right track to success. We can create media kits and sales and marketing materials and help develop an editorial product that gets attention from readers and advertisers.

We produce publications that readers — and advertisers — love!

Okay, we admit it: we're magazine guys at heart.

From start to finish, we excel at producing high-quality publications that will set your brand apart in any market. Whether you’re looking for design consultation, expertise with a new launch or to outsource your creative, Four Palms has you covered. We will work closely with your staff on establishing the design and can help in the ongoing production of your publication.